Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mr. X, Riot & Trouble! Rayne @ Sneak Peek

It's true I told Mr. X. Urban grunge has grown up and is no longer about ripped jeans and torn flannel it has been transformed into a more sophisticated uptown look!  The new exclusive at Sneak Peak by Rayne Designs - aka Holy Shirt called Riot is a perfect example of this.
I am loving the neo grunge look of these slouchy pants with zippers, suspenders and pattern mixing making them  a hip reinterpretation of the look that started in the 1990's.
The graphic midriff tee is the perfect  compliment to complete this look giving it an uptown aesthetic.
I have paired this with October 4 Seasons Jewell Blossom Skin, a personal favorite and with October's new eye make-up Flossy Purple Moon and Captivating Mesh Lashes.
Another exclusive at Sneak Peek by Rayne Designs is called Trouble and since I am born trouble, according to Mr. X how could I not include this cute jacket and pant set in the blog.
Trouble is equally nostalgic and modern at the same time coming across with a neo grunge look.  It has subtle retro influences giving it a more romantic and sexy look with a touch of messy rebelliousness.
I combined this look with October 4 Season Skins Jewel Marigold and Everlasting Eyeshadow in Pretty in Pink and Enchanted Mesh Lashes in hot pink.

Wearing Exclusives at Sneak Peek
Outfits- Rayne Designs - Riot and Trouble

Sneak Peek LM

Skin: Jewell Blossom and Marigold - October 4Season Skins 
Eyelashes- October 4 Seasons -Enchanted Hot Pink 
Eyeshadows - October 4 Season Skins - Everlasting and Flossy

Hair - Exile - Voodo

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