Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mr. X and the Garden Party - Heart Homes & Morphine Skins

There is nothing as refreshing as tea and cookies in a late summer garden that is fragrant with lavender and heirloom roses... red and yellow to symbolize love and joy... and that is what Mr. X is to me.... plus, I like cookies of all kinds!
For my garden party event I have decided to wear the fashionably  trendy boho style dress by Morphine Skins... there is something romantically carefree about this dress called Jade Long Dress Light making it perfect for a romantic tryst in the garden with Mr. X. This dress is exclusively available through the end of August at the District 5 Indie Market. Jade Long Dress also comes in black... I like the way the dress cascades over your shape...and as always it is beautifully textured.
I have paired this cute flowing dress with Jade Skin in Medium, one of Morphine's new releases. I love the clean look of this skin that comes with a variety of eyebrow, eyeshadow and lip color options, two sets of eyes and a body. It's gorgeous and also makes it easy to layer additional tattoos. As always, the package comes loaded with lola's, phat azz and more.

I will entertain Mr. X with Aphrodite at Heart Homes - Summer Brunch Set comes with male and female poses and allows you to dine together off a menu or read the newspaper.  It even comes with yellow and red rose plants, butterflies and loads of accessories.  Afterward, I shall invite a few good girlfriends over for some friendly gossip...... if you can believe that!
The Summer Summer Brunch Set has  tea and cookies, brunch platters, tea and deviled eggs  --- this is shot at Devils Island designed by Frankx Lefavre so this is appropriate -- feel free to visit and be on the lookout for his new build at LEA 18 -- out of this world literally!   There are  all manner of goodies to share with Mr. X as well as with good friends... you can dine; the offerings are soup and brunch and of course you can have a proper cuppa.  Sit and chat, unwind  and even read the newspaper -- hope these headlines are better than those in RL.

 I await for Mr. X to arrive.... the garden he made is so romantic.... I am sipping tea... and wondering what the tea leaves will tell us.... perhaps that this is pure joy... and that when we see each other I dissolve into his arms as clouds meld into the sunlight.

Wearing: Dress Jade's Long Dress Light -Morphine Skins exclusively at District 5

Skin: Jade Medium - Morphine Skins

Jewelry - Finesmith - Botanic Sunset Flowers

Hair - Vanity Hair - Driven to tears

Aphrodite at Heart Homes - Summer Brunch Set

Garden - Devils Island - Frank Lefavre -- feel free to visit and come and shoot and don't miss his new work at Lea 18

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