Saturday, August 30, 2014

Let them eat cake and Morphine Skins New Release @ Kings and Queens Fair

Let them eat cake...those are the words supposedly uttered by Queen Marie Antoinette during a famine that occurred in France during her brief and tragic reign.  There is no actual record that the Queen said these words and today I told Mr. X that this quote is more or less an invented anecdote -- he agreed!  
Speaking of Queens don't miss the Kings and Queens event - 50 designers on sim from Sept. 1-30 -- and don't miss the new dress by Morphine Skins called Beatrix that is fit for a Queen!  This was shot at Lea 18...Frankx Lefavre new is out of this world.

Aphrodite for Heart Homes has been busy baking... cakes of course and who doesn't want a Dalek cake! If you are not in the know, Mr. X had to tell me all about Daleks, they are robotic looking cybernetic organisms that are the enemy of Dr. Who! Intensely xenophobic and bent on universal domination they are feared throughout the universe but make great cake!
Aphrodite has also made a Dr. Space wedding cake and I would use this to celebrate Dr. Who that crafty Time Lord that explores the universe in his Tardis, a sentient time traveling space ship that resembles a British police box!  
This cake is musical and even comes in 8 delectable flavors. Your guests can touch any of these cakes pictured and get a slice of cake with a fork... there is enough cake to satisfy every sweet tooth on the grid!
Another version of the Dr. Space Cake has been whipped up for a Happy Rezz Day or Birthday Party! 

This cake is musical and comes in 8 delightful flavors replete with a festive Tardis space ship topper!

For all you mermaids out there, Aphrodite has made a delightful mermaid cake gaily decorated with fish and mermaids... your fin adorned friends can have a slice of cake that comes with a silver fork!
The Queen Roses birthday cake plays the traditional birthday song and even has an on off switch for the candles... so your guest of honor can actually blow them out!  Try clicking the base of the fountain to shut the water and sound on and off... this cake is truly fit for a Queen and so is the new dress called Beatrix Elegant by Morphine Skins.
The Rainbow Cake is simply layers of fun and the most ornate cake of them all... with many little extras including music, a fountain and candles both with on off switches.   
Beatrix Elegance Black and white is perfect for my party mood with its cute mini and cascading skirt cinched with a fabulous  jewel and sweetheart cut top that gleams with a shimmery gemlike texture.  This is the exclusive feature design at the Kings and Queen Fair... it's beautiful. 

Wearing: Morphine Skins - Beatrix Elegance, B&W
Shoes: Morphine Skins - B&B Mary Jane for slink high feet
King and Queens Fair LM
Skin: Morphine Skins - Jade - Medium

Aphrodite for Heart Homes - Cakes - Dalek, Dr. Space - birthday and wedding, mermaid, Queen Roses Birthday Cake and Rainbow Birthday Cake

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