Friday, May 9, 2014

Poets Heart at Fantasy Fair and Silken Moon's new May Gift

Mr. X and I decided to dress as fantasy wayfarers... those historic figures that drifted from town to town peddling their wares.
And, where to find such an outfit.... at Fantasy Fair of course. Our quest led us to Poet's Heart...and what could be more appropriate than one of her featured items at the fair than Wayfarer Ancient Forest in emerald and jade green with its' cute leggings, slippers and tunic styled top. This outfit comes in a rainbow of colors and will be available at her main shop after the fair.

Rather than a carapace of burden, I am carrying another excellent creation by Poets Heart that consists of a beautiful acorn and floral staff called the Awakening of Spring that comes with a beautiful floral headpiece.  These are also sold at Fantasy Fair.
And for the skin, I am wearing the new May gift designed by Malicia Python of Silken Moon called Walourgis in Pewter.  This fantasy skin with its' green lips and a hint of green blush and artful wisps of hair under a pewter cap is perfect for a fantasy look.
Historically, the wayfarer is at a crossroads and is about to choose a path...I have my trusty staff that will help  guide me along the winding forest path that is a maze of  unknown challenges at every twist and turn.
Mr. X I await you in the misty woods of the mythical forest...of us.

Outfit- Poets Heart - Ancient Forest
Staff and Headpience - Poets Heart Awakening of Spring
Skin- Silken Moon-Walourgis in Pewter

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