Friday, January 6, 2023

Virtual Diva and Elene...

 Out of nowhere, the new year is here... and Mr. X has arrived out of smoke and mirrors... like a lost saytr full of vim and vigor... I like that thought... who wouldn't... and I could not think of anything better to wear than the new outfit by Virtual Diva called...Elene... and it comes in so many amazing colors that  glitter and glide through the night... Mr. X was  well..... I had to  say. slow your horses down....

I love the way this mini dress with its sexy deep cut  is as alluring as the crescent moon... and the way it  glitters  --- it honestly reminds me of the Northern Lights... and  we all know how evocative they are.If you are looking to start a new year in a  way that is transforming... get Elene... and light up the sky! 

Wearing Virtual Diva Couture  Elene

Exclusive at Reborn Event! Bodies: Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn, Reborn Juicy Rolls, Kupra, Peach, and BellezaX Curvy 


Find it in our Mainstore after the event  

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