Wednesday, January 11, 2023

New Find @ Swank - Key Style - Emily & Heartsdale

 It is cold in RL where I live... so in SL, it is fun to celebrate winter in all its glorious briskness and snow with a no thank you very much to ice! While checking out the January Swank, I noticed a new designer, to me anyway, and wow what a find... it's called Emily.

I love love love Emily with its sexy snow leopard patterned coat that is embellished with a lush fur collar and fur cuff, all PETA approved, I promise. It also comes with a cute hand-knit Icelandic wool scarf and jeans with a bit of fuzz at the waist just because! Emily is made for Maitreya (worn), Freya, and Hourglass. Seriously, isn't it adorable!

I paired this with another Swank Exclusive by Heartsdale Designs called the Coco Collection. I am in love with this classic set of two strands of pearls and delicate pearl earrings... seriously, it is a must-have and so well done. 

Wearing - Swank Excluisves

Swank Landmark

Key Style - Emily

Heartsdale - Coco Collection

Hair - Vanity

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