Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sascha's Designs Athena - Lost in the Wine Cellar

 Can you think of a better place to be lost in than a wine cellar with centuries-old vino? I can't!! I am wearing a new look by Sascha's Designs called Athena - I love it because it is so versatile. It comes with a great band-aide style shirt, a bra top, shorts, and a skirt. This is an outfit that goes from elegant to sexy in moments!

Athena is made for freya, hourglass, kupra, legacy , maitetria, and is made for regular and BOM options. I like the fact that it has directions for wearing BOM which I may even try! 

So here I sit surrounded by the finest wine in SL...all alone... as usual... as I am here to be those that know how to look for me... it may take oceans of time and the eternal patience of the stars and ever-changing moon... but know that I await....

Wearing Sascha's Designs - Athena in Baby Blue

 Sasha's Designs Main Store

Hair -cheveaux ashscale46

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