Friday, September 18, 2020

Mr. X and Micaela Giulia Design @ Swank

 Purple - Pink reminds me of the sunset and when relationships are over and when some begin... as for me, I really am looking forward to a new beginning in many ways -- even though there is always a Mr. X...  he has yet to find me... I found Micaela by Giulia Designs an exclusive @ Swank that is a cute mini skirt and mid-riff top... that is oh la la and made for mesh bodies. I love the  gold flower at the side and the cute cute tassel belt.

I want to remember nights... where Mr. X sits beside me... barely touching me with the tip of his finger.  When we are apart he wrote how he loved the sound of my breath in those moments, the intake and release of it, paced and constant, as if preparing, as if knowing there was to be long-distance ahead. And, it is eternity now.

Wearing Micaela - Giulia Design @ Swank

Swank LM -

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