Saturday, October 12, 2019

Mr. X and Amara - AnaSTyle@ Swank & Jumo

Yes... the angels call... always... luring me from the mists of darkness... and must I always and forever bow...

sometimes dark places are best... they linger in the soul like memories forgotten and recalled for a moment only and, then are lost in the tragic drudgery of the day to day BS!

One thing that makes me feel better is the new outfit at Swank called Amara by AnaStyle -- it comes loaded with goodies. Sexy knee-high lace-up boots, sexy lace-up bodice and a  perfectly ruffled skirt with a spiderweb-like design that is so gothically beautiful and classy.

I especially love the necklaces and gloves with crosses and rosary beads that Madonna would envy.  This is an exclusive @ October Swank and a must-have for the season!

Wearing Swank Exclusive - AnaSTyle - Amara

Swank  LM -

Eyemake Up - Jumo - Stylique

AnaStyle inworld

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