Thursday, February 28, 2019

Mr. X and the Freedom - Virtual Diva Designs

Mr. X, in the end, shall we court the cosmic silence?  All I want for you is a bed of wild lights and wild nights... where the curiosity of bees lead to honey... golden and sweet... thick... will you follow me into the hive of desire?

Is there a warrior goddess that love you?  I am not sure... she aches for him... and thinks of when they parted... the iridescent stars were in your eyes as the moon drifted above, a cold white orb that rules the night... so out of reach... beyond my fingertips...

As I wait, I feel the shape of things that are hidden in the light... the echo of words that were never spoken... a decision we could not make...missing moments that makes us what we are... I say this silently to you... can you hear me across the ages?

I love this new catsuit made by Virtual Diva called Freedom... I love the sheen of the texture and the way it fits perfectly.   This is 100% original mesh created for the Sense Event.

VD Freedom Suit - @ Sense Event Event
Marketplace -

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