Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mr. X and the Black Swan- New Virtual Diva & Emo-tions

Mr. X and the Black Swan she glides on the golden moonlight in a frost-covered meadow... embellished by feathers as light as air... this new outfit by Diva Couture is as mysterious as it is beautiful and it is a must-have.  It is an exclusive @ On9

She feels the warmth descend all around here... a wall of comfort... a blanket of peacefulness to her restless wandering... it is all around she told Mr. X... I can touch everything around me and feel alive... come and see it through my eyes... feel with me.

The Black Swan by Virtual Diva .. is pure magic energy.  It is made for mesh bodies and comes with a beautiful crown, feathers for your face... a beautiful stole of crows feathers and gorgeous wings... plus a very cute dress that reminds me of a ballerina's costume.

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