Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Heart Homes @ Swank - Circle of Friends & Margot by Wild

What could be better than an interactive table set by Aphrodite @ Heart Home called Circle of Friends that is an exclusive @ Swank.   There are so many fun interactive features (as always)  and a series of single poses for men and women and couples poses perfect for that afternoon cuddle!  This set created by Heart Homes is made for a maximum of four couples or eight friends, or a mix of couples and friends.  You can also use this set alone or for two or three friends or two couples, bottom line, this set is for eight peeps.

There are so many features. Simply sit on the benches and then pick your role and pose, each bench is loaded for single and couples pose for two.  You can also change the texture of the bench and pillows, the umbrella on the table and the table base.  There are four textures to choose from for each.

And, that table... it is such a gorgeous table setting, the attention to detail is amazing.  As always Heart Home has not missed a detail, there are napkins, complete place settings, and even flowers -- it is simply festive.  In addition to the poses props are included -  you can eat, drink a cocktail or hot chocolate and even play the guitar!  Just ask for them, accept them and when you stand or change the pose they will auto detach and vanish.  I love the guitar... it is so cool.   This set also has a feature called Experiences. If you have the newest Firestorm or Linden Lab viewer, you find the feature under "About Land" -> Experiences.  Press "Add", then enter "Avsitter".. it shows you the Avsitter that's the pose-engine made by Code Violet. Press OK.

I am wearing another Swank Exclusive called Margot by Wild.  I love the top that billows in the wind.  It is made for slink, belleza and maitreya bodies and comes with a texture changing hud that includes lavish tropical floral patterns, animal skin patterns, and solid colors that are bright and eye-catching.

The mid-length jeans that are also included in this set can be worn with so many tops.  They are a must have because they will be so useful and can be combined with so many outfits.  The silver studded details on the pockets make these jeans easy to dress up or dress down in an elegant style.  The jeans come with a six-color changing hud and are made for belleza, maitreya and slink mesh bodies.

Wearing September 2018 SWANK Exclusives

Swank Furniture Exclusive - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes -Circle of Friends

Wearing Swank Exclusive - Wild - Margot

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