Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mr. X and Athena by Jumo

Feeling sultry and sexy in the new dress by is simply evocative... and yes, Mr.X... it is silk and lace --  oh  la la you  can see the fine line of my leg...  and yes... a little lace...and called Athena daughter of Zeus... not generated by any woman, she jumped from his head!  And, Athena by Jumo will make men's well -- never mind, I never kiss and tell....

Mr. X  tells me that xxx begs for seduction... this I don't believe...  maybe you should try it and let me know---- P.S.  this dress is hot in so many ways... the hud alone offers patterns and then solids with lace patterns... it is really gorgeous... and so ok, seductive!

Wearing --
Dress - Athena - Jumo

Hair - Grecian - Emo-tions

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