Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mr. X & Sarah - New Wicca's Wardrobe

Charms are so frail... and yet I wait for spring... a garden amid a fenceless was a few minutes past five... and I think... is it really love if the other person doesn't love you back.. such uncertainty.  I think about his endless parade of women and wondered why  I seem to wait for him to come to his senses.  He is not in love with me and I cannot understand why.

I don't want to be bitter... I want to go find someone worthy... but what to wear when on the prowl?  I found the perfect outfit by Wicca's Wardrobe called Sara.  I love the short shorts, tight cinch belt that helps to show off my curves and the lovely V-neck top with three quarter length sleeves with a faint floral pattern... in an almost abstract design.  This outfit has a six-color changing hud in Blue, yellow, blush, rose, turquoise, green and allows you to change the top, shorts and belt.

And, the matching boots... wow... perfect with this. They are fine leather embellished with laces and studs and straps. All can be changed with a five-color changing hud.  It is so much fun to mix and match. The boots are made for maitreya, slink and belleza high feet.

Wearing - Wicca's Wardrobe
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Outfit - Sarah - Wicca's Wardrobe

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