Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mr. X and Michelle - *new* Resun

Amber husk fluted with gold...fruit on the sand marked with a rich grain, treasure.  It is late and I have lit the candles for you... they glow soft gold in this midnight hour.  I am thinking about you... can you hear my thoughts whisper across the wind?

The air is heavy... full of moisture...I smell sweet red roses on the night breeze... it feels like summer... and, tonight I feel like  I need you.  It is after 4 a.m. and I am imaging your body merged with mine.  Melting with thoughts of you...

I have found the perfect bodysuit called Michelle by Resun to greet you with. It is made of the finest satin and is embellished with lace-up chains that are oh so alluring!  The Michelle Body Suit comes with an eight-color changing hud plus a silver and gold chain hud.  It is made for maitreya, slink (physique & hourglass), belleza, venus, freya, isis.  It matches perfectly with lace-up Vanessa Shoes with a seven-color changing matching hud.  These shoes fit are made for made for maitreya, slink (physique & hourglass) feet


Outfit - Resun - Michelle Body Suit

Shoes - Resun - Vanessa

Hair - Jumo - Emma

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