Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mr. X and the Unicorn @ Dazzle - PC Exculsive

Lost, in a lost world... and then... to my utter delight there is a unicorn in the mist as the night descends with...blankets of cold clouds ---  somehow  I see a glimmer of a unicorn that wears a  crown of  flowers and stars -- I am told they last forever  as my love does for Mr. X.

I told Mr. X that I believe in is omnipresent, omniscient, all-powerful... that is eternal... this is what I believe and so does Mr. X.....and what of unicorns... oh... they gather  upon a shore of malachite next to  a sea of lapis lazuli... under the molten silver of stars and moonbeams.... this is where  Mr. X and I will  dance.

I love this new exclusive gown by PC called Mystical Dreams and is at April's Dazzle event.  It is made for mesh bodies in 5 sizes, I wore it quite easily with my Lara body.  I love the lavish flowers on the gown that accentuate the lovely stole that drapes over this fanciful gown.  Mystical Dreams has a fabulous color changing hud in every pastel color imaginable with an ombre touch.

The best part of this look is that PC had created hair called  Cute Fantasy Hair to match this look... I love the hair and this fancy updo with its hairband of flowers, stars and tiny unicorn horns with a  color changing hud that coordinated colors with the gown is the perfect match.  All of this can be found exclusively @ Dazzle in April.

Wearing -- Dazzle Exclusives
Dazzle LM

Gown - PC - Mystical Dreams

Hair - PC - Cute Fantasy Hair

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