Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mr. X and Christiana - Jumo @ Swank

Lost in a lost world  thinking of Mr. X  as usual tonight... wearing a new  Jumo Gown -- it is really spectacular... called Christiana and an exclusive @ Swank - get it !  I love the giraffe pattern on the top and the  gloves... so  elegant so warm...  and, this lace midriff top says... come and get me... if you can 
The clouds seem as thin as  the succulent satin skirt that  I am  wearing...  cold to the touch as the wind blows so very cold, but my heart is warm.... and the  elegant  top with its  bell shaped  sleeves a  new must have from Jumo that is an exclusive at Swank called  Christiana-- it is made for classic mesh, maitreya and slink bodies... and is a must have with a huge hud... colors and textures. I got  stuck  on these colors... Mr. X loves these tones... oh la la!
Do you remember  the cool breeze that caressed our faces amid the millions of  stars that gleamed bright --- a night to remember so you you gazed into my eyes --- And, yes... and you told me in this gown  by Jumo called Christiana... I am  divine as the nite sky... I promise with all my heart --- I will always  wait for you... wherever you may be.... I am yours... 

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