Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mr. X and Winter Splendor.... New !!SMD!! & Emo-tions

A snow maiden wanders through the cold corridors of her castle, it is like a fortress -- drafty with little light...she thinks to herself, it is time to return to my friends in the forest. To bathe at midnight in the hot springs in a hidden evergreen glade where it is always summer... a magical place where pixie's cavort and fairies mingle and gossip...

Alas, this winter maiden is surrounded by snow -- the trees are iced with their bare branches glinting like diamonds... she lives in a frozen world of winter splendor... Her heart warms when she dreams of her beloved as she remembers the winter sun glinting on his frosted hair-- 

 The  snow is deep on the ground -- in the distance she hears the faint sound of chimes...  urging here ever onward... the wind blows through bare branches that etch the winter sky... they call to her... a distant memory fading in the midst of  the night...

    I love this new gown by !!SMD!!  called Winter Splendor.  It  it is made for mesh bodies - Belleza, Slink and Maitreya bodies and comes with whispy winter flexi prim attachments and a beautifully wrought necklace of fur and ice... The gown is available in  ice, snow, sage  and peppermint.


  Gown !!SMD!!  Winter Splendor - Sage, Snow and Ice

  Hair - Emo-tions - Leni Blonde


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