Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mr. X and the Winter Deer - irriSIStible and Pink Box @ Swank

The Deer Queen... an Empress of Innocence like gently falling snow... She sits alone on a frozen throne...passing days of joy watching her pets play... Left alone to fend for herself, she is not sure which way she wants to go... she  watches for a silver star to light her way... I found the perfect Deer Queen outfit by irriSIStible called Winter Deer  and a winter scene by Pink Box @ the December Swank... must haves!

I recall days gone by when her namesake Sita was tricked by the magical golden deer  that roamed here and there... and caught Sita's attention  as if  it was destiny... on that  very the day when Lakshmana was not there to help Lord Rama... the way of destiny can be cruel all actions have consequences -- sometimes they take years to play out and sometimes, it is more immediate. Winter Deer by irriSIStible  comes is made for mesh bodies and is LOADED with goodies.  It comes with an outfit for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya (worn bodies) plus Omega appliers.

Winter Deer even comes with a fantastic skin that is compatible with Maitreya, Belleza and Slink, with the advanced skin applier I am able to wear it with my Maitreya body and my mesh head -- YAY!  I love the detail in this skin... that mirrors however faintly the spots on the deerskin sweater I am  wearing-- not to mention the  cool lips and cute deer nose... or is it a dear nose -- haha !

Winter Deer even comes with beautiful mesh eyes... and hair and a fur tiara.  The skin with the omega appliers was as easy as pie... and look at these antlers and the  gorgeous fur stole and top.  Really fun and really artfully creative.... it is "irresistible"!

The backdrop for this is another fantastic treat from Swank by Pink Box called Polar Animal Surprise.  I cannot believe all you get for just 29 prims... a pond,  snow,  a polar bear and cub, trees,  winter plants, penguins on rocks... and seals in the water... it is so well done... I love it! 

 Swank Exclusives
Event LM -

Wearing - irriSIStible  - Winter Deer

Scene - Pink Box - Polar Animal Surprise

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