Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mr X and Akemi Legendaire, K-tarsis & Alma @ Swank

I wait for Mr. X.... and think 
inky black skies
pricked by pinholes of light
above our heads with your hand in mine

as our feet dance - exalted and anxious
upon the tired concrete 
where we've danced before... it takes us in... like sponge

the knowing gaze -- I love that about you...  and, always,
 the opalescent moon upon us  and over us --  lovers of the light... but it 
does not compare to the brightness
that gives life to your eyes
and evolution of your smile

the night is ours... and  I love that your 
 hand never leaves mine
we dance closer... and I am yours...
in the midnight blue of the night...
strewn together like the stars....entwined in each other

 frenzied marcato beats
that steadily decrescendos as our breath slows
and our limbs weave  I am  your dreamcatcher
And, no I will never forget... Mr. X... will  you --- as we  float....

Wearing  Swank Exclusives
LM -

 Outfit - Legendaire - Akemi

Body Tattoos - k-tarsis -Sakura 2

Face Lips and heart - Alma  Tokyo Love

Face heart tattoo and Lipstick -

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