Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mr. X and Aisha - [Aleutia] @ Enchantment & Emo-tions

You have all heard of Sherazade... and 1001 nights... this new fab outfit that is an exclusive at Enchantment embraces the romance of the east..... a place where the sun sets and rises like a treasure trove of gold... like dreams -- of silk and incense... and your arms around me... in the twighlight.

Mr. X come to me --- in  a land full of exoticism... a feast for your eyes... a  far away place, where the caravan camels roam and where [Aleutia] joined Enchantment in a glorious celebration of 1001 Arabian Nights. When the event is over, this fabulous outfit will be in the main shop.

"Aisha" is for that diamond in the rough and will be the perfect outfit to enjoy as you delve into this mystical world. Available with 30 incredible colors using the [Aleutia] Signature HUD and our new Autumn/Winter 2017 Color Palette. Exclusive Maitreya Design.

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