Monday, July 3, 2017

Mr. X and Carnivale & !!SMD!! Fashion Contest Finale

There was once a maiden that was an expert at  embroidery... her skill was known far and wide... she lived in a palace of fabulous columns made of  jade and lapis...  the floors were marble and  her chairs were silk and gold  gilt. She often wore gowns like she made.... such as this... Carnivale Baroque by  !!SMD!!.  It is simply beguiling.

This maiden, she wove like Ariandne.  Her corset is made of the  finest  golden threads--- embellished by periwinkle blue bells and roses that she cultivated in her garden...  You will feel so elegantly old world when wearing this.  Carnivale  Baroque Gown by !!SMD!! is made for classic mesh bodies and Lara  Maitreya (worn), belleza and slink. Add an exquisite over skirt of delicate gold lace and a lovely  bow... at your bosom... so sweet. I love the puffy cloud of  gold that forms a classic cascading overskirt.

This gown comes in periwinkle, rose, blush, mint, silver, teal and violet... all gorgeous... get them all.  The maiden weaver only shows her wares to those that are  of  pure heart and mind... she  seeks a prince that will guide her moon to his sun... and they will dance endlessly as firebirds in the  horizons... Mr. X... can you  take my hand... and we polonaise?

 The finale for this year's !!SMD!! contest will be held Sat. July 8, 1 p.m. SL  Time. TP to Silvan Moon, tp pad inside main entrance -- you are  welcome to Theatre where we will crown our Miss SMD & TWA 2017.  Here is Main LM


Gown - !!SMD!! - Carnivale Baroque Gown

Hair - Wig a la  turque

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