Friday, June 16, 2017

On the Silk Road with Mr. X @ UAC Medieval Faire and Framework Mesh Builds

Mr. X and I went to UAC Medieval Faire... there are so many amazing events and items to purchase for a good cause...get there before the faire ends on June 18... my god, how the month has flown by. One of the most interesting items I found was by Framework Mesh Builds called Silk Road. Check out this gorgeous  white stucco Arabic style building that is only 13 prims and brimming with details.

It has an open air pergola area with lattice windows accented with colorful tiles... it is all in the details of this original mesh building. All of the builds are modify but PLEASE be aware because they are mesh, a lot of the building is in large pieces and textured with texture maps. Make sure you understand how to modify mesh before attempting to change the build in some way. If you simply want it larger/smaller select all of the building pieces and stretch them using the Edit function inside SL. Best of all, all builds are copy. If you mess up modifying one, simply re-rez another.

The second room is entered through a classic arched doorway and has a beautiful tiled ceiling with open air slats that lets the cool sweet breeze in.  The lavish iron bed with silk curtains, also an exclusive at the Medieval Faire  comes with adult, single and couple animations.

Another offering for this house by UAC Medieval Faire is the iron sofa and bench with its sweet couple animations. This bench has an artfully sculpted back that gives it interest and depth.  Mr. X and I agree it is a very sweet place for a cuddle!

Showcasing : Silk Road by Framework Mesh Builds at  UAC Medieval Faire
Building or Perfect Garden
13 Land Impact
100% Original Mesh

Sofa With Cuddle Animations

Iron Bed with Adult, Singles and Couple Animations

Medieval Faire Landmark

Inworld -

MP -

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