Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mr. X @ ZEX, TM, Rebellion and Star @ Swank @ Jumo

It's summer and that always gets me in the mood to landscape... so Mr. X and I went to Swank and found several items by TM Creations that were just what we had in mind. The first is the Love Bench that comes with heart of roses ground cover, animations, and five types of particles. It is so pretty.

With so much detail and so many options it is hard to believe that the 100% mesh [Love Bench] is only 9 prims, you can also copy and modify it. The bench contains a menu without poseball (simply sit) for Cuddle and singles animations for 2 persons.  There are 54 animations including 27 Cuddle poses with 30 sec loop x each), for romantic couples moments.  There are also SOLO female/male, 16 animations in all for two people.

I am wearing another find from Swank.  A flirty off the shoulder midriff top, lace up mini skirt and sexy summer sandals that lace all the way up my legs by [ZEX] called Nina.  I love the deep teal blue and the melding of the pattern on the top with the color of the skirt.
I couldn't resist wearing the new leather collar called Delilah by Rebellion with this to kick up the heat a bit!  Another find was the Star Eye Enhancement eye makeup  that is made for lelutka, catwa and slink mesh heads and for classic heads.  The Star eye enhancement comes in  cotton earth, sun, and ocean.
If you are in the market for a Summer Gazebo, TM is also offering a low prim 13 prim mesh Rose Gazebo. It comes with a standing animation menu for two that includes:COUPLES: 48 animations (24 couple (cuddle) poses 30 sec loop x each), SEQUENCE: 2 Cuddle-scene Sequence Play up to 8 mins of scene x each (looping) and  SOLO (F/M): 2 standing animations for person.

So Mr. best summers were spent outside exploring the coastline looking for shells and seaglass. Finding things in my aunt's cluttered's fair jerky black and white movies, a thousand books, saddles...Civil War uniforms (both sides)... faded photographs of picnics in the backyard... memories of how people use to live.

Exclusives @ Swank

Necklace -Rebellion Delilah Collar

Outfit - [ZEX] Nina Lace up Sandals, Skirt and Top

Eye make-up -Star Eye Enhancement

TM -Romantic Bench with flowers and  13 prims,

TM - Romantic Rose Gazebo

Hair - Jumo -  Amanda and Kardashian


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