Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mr. X and the Zebras.... Park Furniture and Ch @ Swank and New Jumo

All is quiet and I am waiting once again for Mr. X.  There is something simply wonderful about the striking contrast of black and white...and the faux zebra print... peta approved.  I once read an article asking if zebras were white with black stripes or black with white stripes.... 

I love the bedroom offered by Park Place that includes the black zebra chaise at only 14 prims that is loaded with single - his and hers and cuddle animations, there is also an adult  version. I love the Pen and In Drawings (1 prim), Our World Photos (2 prims)  and the black marble giraffe (3 prims).

Animal prints have been popular throughout history because they are exotic and used as a sign of status.    Many zoologists would say that a zebra is white because its stripes end towards the belly and the belly is mostly white. Others would say that a zebra is black because if you shaved all the fur off a zebra the skin is, surprisingly, mostly black.  I love the living room chaise lounges and white laminate cabinet with accessories!

I am wearing the gorgeous sweetheart top and bikini pants by Chi's that comes made for fit mesh, Lara and Belleza bodies. It also comes with a fabulous color changing hud that allows you to change the color of the bow, the top and the bikini pants.  The lace top stockings are by irriSIStible made for mesh bodies. 

Wearing and  Showing Exclusives at Swank


Dress - Ch's La Habana - with 30 color changing hud
Stockings - irriSIStible
Furniture Park Place
 Zebra and White Chaise
Alium Wall Decor
White Laminate Floor Cabinet with accessories
Green Leafy Table Plant
White Laminate Coffee table
Black Marble Giraffe Floor Model
The two of us pen and ink drawing
Our World Floor Decor

Skin, Lips and Eye make-up - Jumo Taylor *NEW*

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