Friday, June 30, 2017

Mr. X and Ramona - Jumo Romona Gown and New Eyes

The  clock is ticking... can you hear it...I remember the wonderful moment:  You appeared before me,
A fleeting vision...A spirit of pure beauty. Like this new Gown by Jumo called Romona  Gown 

Years passed. The storm's turbulent gusts---- Scattered the dreams of us....And I forgot your tender voice,  And your wonderful features. In a remote corner of the earth, in the darkness of exile....
 Days drag on....slowly and without divinity ----

Without inspiration   Without tears, without love.   Awakening came to my soul I dream you --- a spirit of pure beauty.   Tears, and love are born. Can u hear me call your name?

Jumo - Romona  Gown

Eyes - Gem - Brown

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