Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mr. X and Angel Nuriel and Dreams - CWS and new Emo-tions Hair

Midsummer's Eve was once considered a magical night imbued with supernatural powers. It makes me feel like an  angel and so does  CWS in the new release.... Dreams of woman... Lingerie... it is so opulent and beautifully detailed... your angel will be ready for the "fall"!

Midsummer's Eve  has so many magical powers... it is all the moon.....So much so that summer flowers have their own mythical meaning. I shall pick seven different kinds of flowers and put them under my pillow - and dream of my true love.
Midsummer's Eve is synonymous with late evenings spent in verdant gardens. Echoes of laughter resounding long into the night. 

We sing and rejoice that summer is finally here. What a gloriously festive time!
Happy Midsummer!

Wearing - 
CWS - *NEW* Dreams of woman Lingerie (Teal)  
CWS -*NEW*  Outfit -  Angel Nuriel  (white)

Emo-tions @  Tres Chic - *NEW* Alessia

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