Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mr. X and Zaria - *new* Azul and Emo-tions Lynette

The Hourglass Is Always Half-Full. But, I told Mr. X that  my heart is  totally full when wearing this sophisticated new cocktail dress by Azul called Zaria.. it has a retro vibe look with its high empire waist and streamlined skirt --- look at the way the silk ripples.... and oh yes, puff sleeves tight at the wrist and that magnificent silver rose necklace that  cascades like a waterfall  and is set against an artful floral black lace bodice  --- who could ask for more...

Mr. X informed me that thousands of years ago, mathematicians came up with the golden ratio. Artists (see da Vinci) and architects (see Ancient Egyptians) adopted this perfect ratio and modeled aesthetics after it. At a roughly 2/3rd to 1/3rd proportion it yielded undeniable results…Harmony ----- Intrigue -----A certain je ne sais quoi. Zaria has all these qualities and is a must have!

Whether you are inexplicably lanky or naturally un-lanky, this beautiful high waisted dress called Zaria by Azul is an instant classic.  It was designed to stun. Mr. X  checked the math (as always) does!


Dress - Azul - Zaria - Ruby (comes in many different colors)

Hair - Emo-tions - Lynette - Blonde

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