Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mr. X and the mystery of Sanguine - Posh Pixels

A rose garden Mr. X... really?  I never promised you that --- in a nutshell... I am "Sanguine" like this luscious gown by Posh Pixels called "Sanguine"  Mr. X informed me that sanguines find social interactions with people both familiar and  unfamiliar  invigorating.... I think he is trying to tell me that I am a "talker" more than a listener... ha!  "Oh no darling Sita he says to me... you are bubbly and fun loving- absolutely charismatic and a little mysterious!"   Just like this gown by Posh Pixels that is made for classic mesh bodies in all sizes but is easy to wear with mesh bodies and mesh heads too.

There are so many things that I love about  Sanguine by Posh Pixels.    First off, I love the bold sculpted wave like silhouette of the lower skirt  that has a tone on tone color of claret wine ... so rich and decadent... The skirt is further embellished with a veil of butterflies  that only the Red Queen can command... you can feel the power of mystery when you wear Sanguine.  I like that !

The sheath  top of this gown is intricately and subtly patterned adding just the right touch.  It is also embellished with a beautiful butterfly ruffle that languidly drapes  down the center of the gown... and draws the eye... Mr. X loves that. I love the detail of the drop sleeves with their layer of lace and the netting on the cuffs.  The eye for detail is amazing. The matching red choker is elegant and has a magical vial.. just waiting... for orders from the Red Queen of the Fairies.

For me, the BEST part of this amazing gown is the headdress, mask and wings.... oh... how those wings glimmer  like a dark daughter's wings should... and the mask of mystery... it is so beautifully made... rimmed with gold (it comes with an easy re size so no worries there)... it is  perfect for a masquerade ball, gothic role play... or for those that dare to wear it with or without the wings...anywhere!  And, thank you Posh Pixels for including the hair... it is perfect and sets off the mask and wings beautifully... and will save everyone HOURS of trying to find the right hair....!!!

Wearing - Sanguine - Posh Pixels

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