Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mr. X and Yeppuda - *NEW* Zed Sensations and JUMO

And, what to wear.. Zed Sensations of course... a  gorgeous shimmering silk mini dress called Yeppuda Pretty Dress with lavish cutouts... it is a modern twist on a bandage styled  dress.  This dress is as gorgeous from the front as it is from the back.

Yeppuda  comes with a fabulous color changing hud that allows you to change the colors of the bolero, the lace on the bolero and the dress. There are six colors to choose from and mix and match with allowing you to create your own unique style.

I love the  swirling sleeves  of the bolero jacket that beguile and the silver jewelry at the neck of the dress and  that runs down the entire front of the dress giving Yeppuda added style.

I am in love with this new updo hair by Jumo called Behati Hair. It comes in tons of shades with an easy changing hud.  You can buy the hair with or without roots but really the roots are some of the best that I have seen. If you can't decide you can also buy the best of Ombres, roots and straights colors to make things easy.  I am wearing the best of ombres shades and best of vivid shades  for this blog.

Outfit - Yeppuda Pretty Dress- Zed Sensations

Hair - Behati Hair Best of Ombre and Vivid Jumo

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