Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mr. X - Trapped - Somerset, 3rd Eye and Zex @ Swank

I must cage my Sprite -- he gets into all manner of trouble like Mr. X... he is so mischievous! This mystical spirit claims he was once a great sage, a wise man that advised Nostradamus!  In my grand apothecary I created a cage for him...made of iron and gilded with gold.  Only the finest for my Sprite... he is so devilish he actually gave me horns and a light of  gold so all would know a she devil has arrived...this sprite is truly a demon!

Around my neck I am wearing a gorgeous leather choker with a large blood red ruby from the mines of Myanmar made by Zex called the Morgana Mesh Choker in blood. This matches perfectly with the new "Trapped" gown by Somerset.

In this gown, with its intriguing spider webs you will be entangled and enchanting all at the same time! So Mr. X, let's weave a web of a daring escape from this pest of a sprite...and dance with abandon under the full harvest moon....

Swank Exclusives
Swank LM

Sprite - cage and horns - 3rd  Eye

Gown - Somerset - Trapped

Necklace - Zex -Morgana Mesh Choker in blood

Poses -  Glitter - Simple Girl

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