Friday, October 21, 2016

Mr X and Audrey - Jumo @ Swank and October 4 Seasons

I told Mr. X that this time of year there are all manner of ghostly sightings. Those beings haunted by "darker memories" that are part of a rarely spoken about history... shivers !  In order to  brighten up the season... I decided to wear the new exclusive at Swank by Jumo called Audrey.

You will surely steal the spotlight in this gown by Jumo!  Audrey is a gorgeous (and Mr. X adds, sexy) ball gown with a stunning plunging neckline both in front and in back. The skirt that flairs out.  Audrey is made for classic and mesh bodies and is lavishly simple in its appeal.

What isn't simple is the gorgeous pearl and gold drop earrings and the beautifully wrought gold and pearl bracelet that swirls sensuously up your arm.  Mr. X likes that!  Audrey also has matching shoes that are sold separately and are made for slink high feet.  Mr. X  let's go -- my courage does not falter ... does yours........ NEVER, he says.... this is what I adore and love about Mr. X -- fearless... and........

 Swank  Exclusive
Swank LM

Gown and Jewelry and Shoes -- Jumo - Audrey
Swank LM
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Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina - Lily

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