Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mr. X - Blanche & Belladonna - Wicca Merlin @ Spoonful of Sugar thru 09/25

Mr. X... come upstairs...  quietly... sshhhh no one will know, I promise...   Why... because I am gorgeous in  a gorgeous  two piece outfit available at Spoonful of Sugar that benefits Doctors without Borders by Wicca Merlin called Blanche and Belladonna.  This is something Rita (Hayworth) would wear.  She looked wonderful in it. So will you.  You will always look fabulous in an updated classic.  I am wearing the Abigail  Hat by Wicca Merlin -- I love its artful form and red flower... and the cool netting on my face.... Mr. X has to lift the netting to kiss me... and, I like that!

The pencil skirt has two patterns a  herringbone and stripes -- totally retro chic... in any life.  Check out the fabulous pattern repeated perfectly on the sleeves so wicked cool-- they mirror the skirt. This outfit is coupled with a sexy blouse with  a ruffled hemline and cut out back that makes it perfectly updated.  This one definitely belongs in your closet... and, best of all, $ goes to a great charity.

So Mr. X, the rum is iced... the samba beat is starting as the heat of the day...dissolves into the gentle breeze of the night ... can you smell the sweet scent of oleander and jasmine... and hear the reverberations of heat lightning... can you hear the seductive whispers in the dark... and see the candles fluttering......

Dress - Wicca Merlin - Exclusive @ Spoonful of Sugar - Blanche and Belladona
Spoonful of Sugar LM -

Hat - Wicca Merlin - Abigail

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina  Blossom

Shoes - Fringe - Ghee - Coal

Hair - Rezology - Flapper

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