Monday, September 12, 2016

Magical Finds @ Swank... HJM

Mr. X and I were looking around this month's Swank and found so many fabulous things perfect to embellish our ever evolving landscape and our homes... yes homes... we have several.  There were so many things to choose from that I thought I would blog a round-up of some of our favorite just to give you an idea of the multitude of things to be found at Swank.  For example, the low prim bird bath by HJM Designs called Nature Birdbath is ideal for any outdoor setting. It comes with flowers, a friendly deer, flowers and grass, a cute little red snail and even a dragonfly that circles the bath. Best of all, of this it is only 8 prims. Touch to toggle sound on and off. The birdbath is mesh and copy.

For a magical mood,  Magic in the Woods also created  by HJM Designs fits the bill with a little elf that seems to have a glint of mischief in his eyes... he reminds me of Mr. X who always seems to have that same mischievous glint!  This comes with a cute little elf sitting on a stump,  two more tree stumps, a mushroom, squirrel, pine trees and grass. There is even sound that you can toggle on or off.  It is part mesh and copy. Amazingly, this build is only 8 prims.  And, no the cranky elf on the stump is not, I repeat not Mr. X!!!

Swank Exclusives
HJM - Nature's Birdbath
HJM - Magic in the Woods

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