Friday, September 16, 2016

Is Mr. X Mysterious... Sascha's @ Swank

This dress has to be one of the most flattering dress of the 20th century. A tight pencil black skirt,  shaped black polka  dot silk blouse that is classic... Mr. X likes that and this is the exclusive dress by Sascha's Designs for Swank  called Abstract Dress Black and white  And, yes,  tonight I have the blues.. why... because I can.

Mr. X pictures a  sophisticated  woman...  that immediately  beguiles him... and, ladies I like that.... perhaps it is all about the hat.....  Abstract Dress Black  by Sascha Designs  comes with a color changing hud and is available for classic (wearing), mesh bodies.
So Mr. X let's go to a far away place... a place where we can just be in the dim lights .... a place where the drums beat... and then there is the heat... shall we dance together in the moonlight...  as van morrison said it is a marvelous night  for a moondance... and god I need  Mr. X and all that ... romance under the stars.....


Swank Exclusive

Sascha's Designs -Abstract Dress Black

Skin - October 4 Seasons -  Catalina - Lily

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