Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mr. X in a "Bind" *New* Prey

Despite evident happiness, it was around this time last summer that stories and whispers started to circulate...a crucible of petty jealousies bound them...aided and abetted at grand soirees by the grandest of all society fashionistas... they wondered about her... proclivities.....the sky is the color of fire... just like the embers that stir in my heart.

To make an entrance I am wearing a new avant garde gown by Prey called "bind" -- synonymous with holding something together tightly -- my creative sensibility and flair for drama... a bind can also refer to a  predicament of sorts... an awkward situation that one prefers to walk away from.... but in this dress you will have the confidence to walk right in and as Mr. X says, "wow the crowd" !

If you are looking to make a statement, bind by Prey is the dress to have with its architectural lines and monochromatic tones and its subtle variation of textures.  It is deconstructionist in style with its asymmetric, formless, non -standard dress lines.  To complete the look I added some metallic elements from Violator's jewelry collection to compliment the cool geometric lines of this gown.

If you want to go totally avant garde, bind comes with a handy gas mask that  adds flair to this gorgeous deconstructed  gown.


Gown - *new* - Prey - Bind

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Angelina - Milk

Jewelry - Violator - Leash Me Up

Hair - Zibska - Loki

Eyeshadow Zibska - Tzila

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