Saturday, July 2, 2016

The fourth and Mr. X Aphrodite @ Heart Homes and Swank - Hot Mess and L.A. BoS

It is the time of year to party and celebrate....  Independance Day is a great thing to  celebrate... we are  all free to do as we please --- or  at least imagine we can.... i just love to   have joy in my life and Check out "Stars" an exclusive at SWANK and   is it not purrfect with Aphrodite @ Heart Homes mini   4th of  July?   Add L.A.  BoS Poses called Beach from Swank and you are good to go!

I love the  Heart Homes  mini  party   4th of  July  it has  all manner of sweets and  goodies and even  beer and balloons    -- totally interactive so your  guests will have a grand  time... and of course Mr. X and I think that is what SL is all  about !!! So Mr. X  let's get these invitations out! I love the halter top in a star pattern and the cute skinny jeans by Hot Fuss that are an exclusive @ Swank. And, don't miss the new poses also at Swank by L.A. BoS.


 Outfit  - Exclusive @ Swank - Hot  Fuss - "Stars" (Polly Tank Top & Dakota Skinny Jeans)

Poses - Swank - exclusive -  BoS - Beach

Set -  4th of July Mini Party --Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

Skin -  October 4 Seasons -Guiselle Blossom

Hair - AD - Oliva

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