Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mr. X and Perrine Selene Creations @ The Instruments

Mr. X and I wandered down a maze of cobbled streets and dimly lit narrow alleys that were lined with opium dens, fan-tan and other gambling parlors, chophouses and brothels that never closed. The population was mixed - Chinese, Portuguese, Macanese, Indian and natives of Cameroons.  There was a seductive beauty here...especially when wearing this gorgeous exclusive from the Instruments through April 25 called Perrine by Selene Creations.

I love the clean lines of this sexy black dress with its full skirt and deep V neck plunging neckline that adds style and allure.  What finishes Perrine off is the luxurious sash around the waistline. It reminds me of a modern rendition of an Obi -- a sash for a traditional Japanese dress. There are many types of obis and this sash reminds me of the yukata style obi.

Slowly, Mr. X and I make our way to the harbor. Pinks, blues, and yellow of the ocean set against the curling grey tiles of Japanese rooftops. Overlooking the bay as the sun sets, we plan our voyage on the Golden Dragon.

Wearing: The Instruments Exclusive -
Dress Selene Creations - Perrine in Red and Black

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Blossom

Hair - Vanity - Stoned Love - Ombre

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