Monday, April 4, 2016

Mr. X and "Lucy " New October Gift Skin and New PREY - Sierra

My name is Lucy, and sometimes I am naughty --- not nice.... Mr. X likes this... sometimes... or is it more than sometimes... well, I never kiss and tell -- but,  there is a fabulous new GIFT SKIN by October 4 Seasons called Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.... a combo that is hard to resist.  Let me tell you about it...check out the fabulous tattoos you can wear this skin with or without  them -- up to you.  And, check out the freckles and gorgeous beauty marks... first time I have seen this and love them... Mr. X tells me each spot is...kissable... oh la la!

As the song goes, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was created because April is known for diamonds.  More importantly,  my mother always told me that diamonds are a girls best friend --- even Marilyn Monroe thought so... and more recently Madonna --- Liz Taylor in a class of her own!
Adorned with diamond accents on two of the skins and one without, Diamonds in the Sky also comes with Mendi inspired tattoos for both the Aries and Taurus signs. And for those of you who are freckle lovers, you will get that and more!  Oh and this skin has appliers galore - for slink, belleza, omega and maiytra.

And,  don't forget to get the must have  outfit by Prey called Sierra -- I love love love it... it has touches of naughty and nice all over the place....  it combines a sexy leather vest that is open in the front and oh so sexy... with low hip hugging wide legged pants that  is cinched at the waist and pant cuffs with a bow... that begs to be undone.... and  then there are the  brilliant red shoes and the cuff arm bracelet....

Wearing -

Outfit -  Shoes and Cuff - *NEW* - Prey - Sierra

Skin - *NEW GIFT* - October 4 Seasons - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Hair - Vanity Hair

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