Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mr. X and Fury - New Sascha's Designs

Maluku. The spice island in the heart of a necklace of islands...the Banda. April.  It was a hot afternoon touring the nutmeg plantation...such a sensual spice... two in one actually the other being mace with its gorgeous red filament that covers the nut.   As the sun sets, I  walk the beach, sand under my toes... waiting for Mr. X.
Drinking in the sunset,  I am trying to revel in anonymity - but really feel that is impossible because I am wearing  new gorgeous pant suit by Sascha's Designs simply called Fury  and I am wearing it in pink. It comes with a flowing silk white cropped tank top perfect for  tropic breezes.  I love the texture that reminds me of a linen-rayon blend satin.  Fury comes in aubergine, choco, pink and teal...all are beautiful.
The linen pants are sleek and curve hugging and come with a gorgeous belt of silver diamonds that dress this outfit up making it casually chic.  It  also comes with an elegant high collared jacket that  makes it unusually interesting.  So, I hope when Mr. X shows up tonight he has a wonderful and unexpected surprise for me... is there any other kind?  I have paired this with  LaVien and Company Sage shoes and the "fun" hud.


Outfit - *new* - Fury - Sascha's Designs - pink

Skin - *new*  -  Catalina Lily -October 4 Season Skins

Shoes - *new* - Lavian&Co - Petra base shoes and "Fun" Hud

Hair - Vanity - Sugar Coat - reds

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