Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mr. X and New Beginnings - New Gown - TWA

If I was the Queen... I think I would make that dashing warrior with his golden blonde hair and deep blue grey eyes  one of my most trusted knights.   I know he has a story to tell. One of wildness, romance, bewilderment and dreaming.  I have seen his look before. He tells me he loves my new gown.  I said, of course, it is called New Beginnings and it is by TWA.

I love the texture of this gown with it's lavish floral texture making it a garden of delight in a pastel silk texture of sweet raspberry and mint green... it is fresh as spring itself.  He told me he is a man of unreasonable hope -- an uncommon quality and one that is so desirable for a knight -- he must also have the  unbound belief that one man working alone can still make a difference in the world and in my kingdom... as I look deep into the steel blue of his eyes -- I begin to believe him...

I asked him to meet me by the gate that leads to a hidden garden... to my secret realm where pixie's play all manner of tricks on the unknowing....shall he follow...only time will tell....


Gown - TWA (The White Armory) *NEW* - New Beginnings

Jewelry - Muse - Perpetua Platinum with Color Changing Hud

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - *NEW* Guiselle - Auburn

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