Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mr. X and <*>B<*> at the Instruments and Ghee

Mr. X wants to wander today... and I want to look extra special for him.  I have missed him the past few mornings because I have the dreaded flu...and because sometimes, timezones are a real -- ok, I'll say it, a bitch!

I don't want to blend in with everyone else... so I decided to head over to the Instruments.  I found the most fabulous trench coat called Fola Coat Royal by <*>B<*> -- it's perfect! It comes with tons of details like a contrasted collar, wrinkles just the right way, covered buttons down the front and a contrast belt at the waist and sleeves. I combined this with Ghee's Cerulean Turtleneck Sweater, Tights and matching shoes.  Ghee is also participating in the Instruments and I will blog their exclusive this coming week -- it is to die for!

The Fola styled trench coat has fitted princess seams that create a fabulous look- Fola Royal comes in a trendy abstract pattern, another choice is called Mauve Mist, an  attractive floral print that I paired with Ghee's Aubergine tights and sweater.  And, for those that like a monochromatic look, Fola also comes in black and grey.

I just couldn't resist blogging another exclusive by <*>B<*> called the Burna Coat and Dress, it comes in many colors, but I fell in love with the rich color called  Cognac -- to  be honest, I could go for a healthy shot of it right now... for medicinal purposes of course!

Exclusive at the Instruments
<*>B<*> -
Coat: Fola Royal, Fola Mauve Mist
Coat and Dress - Burna in Cognac
Nails - Moon by Luna

*New* - Sweater  (regular and turtleneck) Tights and Shoes - Aubergine and Cerulean - Ghee

*New* Skin - Guiselle - Papavar  - October 4 Season Skins
Eyeshadow - Electra - October  4 Season Skins
Eyelashes - Captivating - October 4 Season Skins


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