Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mr. X and Serendipity - Sascha New Gown

Mr.X  tells me all the settings and i am so stressed... it is a new year -- almost and serendipity by Sascha's   Designs....Just  simple --- i lost 8 other images and i am  so frustrated....new system new all so please forgive and  please  remember that  serendipity Sasha's new gown is the charms! Please all forgive new puter new all  it is a trama drama but  Mr. X holds my hand and leads the  dance.... we see...but this gown  Serendipity is  fabulous....


Gown: *New* -  Sascha  Designs -  Serendipity

Skin -  October 4 Seasons - Rehana - Auburn - Limited  (PS I need more of this skin i wear it all the time)

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