Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mr. X and Noelle at the Instruments - Jumo

The components of this dress will overwhelm most men. Only a steely few can take such things in stride. Professional poker players for example - it’s called a “poker face” for a reason. Double agents perhaps - they deal in stoic disguise. Maybe a Mr. X ----  could it be  Mr. X .... god knows he does not  deflate under pressure... (no pun intended)  he is beyond stoic and when he saw me in this  dress he had one word.... RAVISHING in Jumo   Noelle in Ice Blue at the Instruments....

And it is and so many things to  find at The Instruments through  January 4 -- get there and explore.... you won't be sorry -- everything is a wicked exclusive and cutting edge..... I love the  hemline and the  fur collar that  is so cozy... style matters today, I have been invited to Mr. X's  Hampton Estate-- I will enter in this with the grand lack of  fuss... and all eyes on me and Mr. X....


Exclusives at The Instruments:

Dress - Jumo -  Noelle  in ice blue  -

 Skin- October 4 Seasons  - *NEW*  Guiselle Papavar

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