Friday, November 6, 2015

Mr. X - Kate and Scorpio - *new* Jumo and new October Group Skin

Mr. X told me that "Kate" is a scorpio.... and in this new gown by Jumo called Kate and the new gift skin by October 4 Seasons called Scorpio when you wear this combination you are sure to energize any room on the grid that you walk into.
Mr. X told me he was minding his own business when "Kate" walked in-- there was a sudden change in the air. He looked up and his eyes snapped into focus --fixed on the person that just entered the room in a sumptuous purple gown iridescent and sexy with a deep v neckline and slit up the front of the dress.

When gazing at Kate -- he thought there is just something about a  Scorpio.  Maybe it is  the sunkissed tone of this skin with its perfect coral lips that beckon.  Perhaps it is the eyes, eyebrow arch and make-up that are like soulful pools of magnetism that draws you in... looks right through you... chills you and warms you ...

The last thing Mr. X remembers about Kate is the quiet and lithe way she moves in this elegant gown... as graceful as a ribbon of silk twisting, flowing and caressing the wind.


Gown - Jumo - *new* -  Necklace, Earrings and Belt - Kate in Violet (also comes in red, emerald, teal, and black

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *new* - November Group Gift with all appliers for mesh and classic bodies plus eyes and tattoos... a really cute tattoo on lower back too!

Shoes - Ghee - *new* - Three Strap heels with hud and embrodiery hud.

Hair - Lelutka - Rykiel

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