Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mr. X and Nefertari - New @ The Instruments by Belles Parisiennes

Nefertari, the very name means the most beautiful... she was the Great Royal wife of Ramses the Great one of the most powerful kings in the new Kingdom.  I await in my tomb in the Valley of the Queens... the most beautiful in all the land...of course. Behind me is my Patron Goddess...Maat -- truth who weighs the heart of man with her feather of truth before Amun in the underworld.
And speaking of beautiful, so is the new outfit at the new round of The Instruments called Tenue Stars Princess by Belles Parisiennes.  This  sexy corset like dress is enhanced with stripes of gold satin accentuating my curves that are further embellished by glorious 3-D gold cage skirts and  shoulder pads shaped like leaves and decorated with satin flowers on either side.  This comes in white and black. The gold gleams in the gloom of the dark subterranean passages of the tombs we are building.  
Thigh high leather boots just add to the sexy flair of this cute and unusual outfit.  Tenue Stars Princess  also comes with an opulent hairpiece whose contours are befitting a goddess of the ancient world.  The hair is crowned with rotating disk  perfect for a goddess of the moon --perhaps Hathor.  The hair has a color changing hud featuring 8 different hair colors.
In the light of the full moon around midnight I follow the four priests to the Place of Truth, where master builders, stonecutters and artists are building in the Valley of the Kings.  They are working hard on our final resting places that I know men and women will marvel for thousands and thousands of years... and we will smile with our enigmatic eternal smile... forever and ever... as Mr. X wrote to me, "You love is in my heart like the reeds in the arms of the wind"

Exclusive from The  Instruments New Round Begins Nov. 18

Dress, Hair, Boots - Belles Parisiennes - Tenue Stars Princess in white
Skin - October 4 Seasons - *new* J'adore Pearl

Jewelry - Bracers, earrings, torc and necklace - Muse - Dancing Anemone in Foam

Hair - Tukinowaguma Leila - Ebony

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