Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mr. X and the Dark Queen @ The Instruments thru Nov. 5

The Instrument's theme this month is "the evils" and the exclusive outfit by Virtual Diva Couture called the Dark Queen exemplifies this theme.  Mr. X loves the sexy corset in red satin and trimmed with black lace and embellished with a high collar, sheer gloves and bell sleeves.  Mr. X and I love the gothic inspired details and textures.

The feather wrap and blood red tentacles create a bewitching stir wherever you wander on the grid.  For those of you that dare to be a dark seductress, take off the wrap to reveal a sheer top... that beckons... like a love potion -- could it be #9? To complete the look, this outfit comes a horn headpiece perfect for those that love to be a sexy goth lady of the night......

Exclusive at The Instruments Through November 5
Outfit - Virtual Diva Couture -  Dark Queen
The Instruments LM 

Skin - Ocotober 4 Seasons -  White Dahilia
Eyemake up - October 4 Seasons - Soulful Eyeshadow - Red

Eyemake Up -  Madrid Solo - tentacles - Red

Hair - Argrace -Momiji

Boots - Bax Regency - Black

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