Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Land Ho! Mr. X and Heart Homes & YPBLAG @ FAD

Songs that set men  free -- Land  Ho!   Sirens and ships that sail the  azure seas... they stand at the mast and let --- the cool tropic breezes....whirl and blow around them.... check out the new low prim Ferry Boat by Heart Homes -- best of all it is seaworthy !!

And, yes I am "wrapped up" in FAD's  exclusive called Fall into Place  by YPBLAG,  maybe Mr. X will be walking the plank on this fab love boat when he sees me in this ---or visa versa ....shhhhh

Sailors  love  lavish nights.   Don't  ask how I know. I never kiss and tell.  Aphrodite at Heart Homes has just released a new  boat it is great for a back drop, a party, a love nest or just because... 
The captain's quarters are best and I am in perfect form  wearing YPBLAG's Fall into Place - the captain likes this so does Mr. X... it is so much fun...with it's  sexy off the shoulder look and low rise sweatpants plus the elegant scarf with fringe.  Fall into Place comes with an 8 color changing hud  
Mr. X -- do you think he  is  rowing hard to get to this boat and hop on  board....  shall I make him walk the plank???? or let him on... and give him kisses and a  well deserved ...  coughs for a cranky pants.... my readers... you decide...

And so,  shall we hold hands and watch the dolphins dance ...  and  look at the stars tonight in this boat by Heart Homes... it is  easy... and look I am almost  Titanic.... I guess I made up my mind about three years ago..........

The Fabulous * New* Boat  - Ferry Boat -  Aphrodite at Heart Homes -

Outfit - FAD  Exclusive - YPBLAG   Fall into Place Mono (also in  brick, sage, storm, oak, orchid)

Skin - October 4 Seasons - J'adore Pearl

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