Sunday, November 22, 2015

Blasting off with Mr. X - Purplemoon @ The Instruments

I asked Mr. X if he saw the stars tonight...he smiled and asked if I wanted to go for a stroll along the Milky Way that gorgeous diamond strewn cluster of stars... of course I said yes...because I had a new outfit by Purplemoon called Twi'lek that is an exclusive at The Instruments.

The air around us glistened with radioactive motes-- in the distance we saw shooting stars in a Leonid meteor shower that streaked across the midnight sky in a ghostly glow.  I love the blending of the sleek leather and reptilian texture on the top and pants of  Twi'lek it is stunningly out of this world!

Twi'lek comes with a fun filled color changing hud -- in eight colors including a multi colored vibrant rainbow texture that  is as dazzling as a supernova!
So, Mr. X meet me on Andromeda for a closer look at Cassiopeia... the neighboring galaxy that spirals in the infinite blue of deep space... just like our spirits spiral --- forever entwined.

Exclusive At the Instruments Through Dec. 6
Top and Pants -- Purplemoon - Twi'lek

Shoes - Wicca's Wardrobe - Lilith

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Cyborg

Poses - L.A. BoS - *new* Trouble

Earrings -Muse - Anemone Earrings

Hair - A&Y - Rebirth

Eyes - TR Cyber Eyes- Demoneyez

Have You Seen the Stars

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