Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mr. X and Baboom -- New release at FAD

The secret news began to spread. Are you dressed for adventure?    Mr. X... he says "always."  And, this new  look at Fad by Baboom  called Brownie Mieder Shirt and Brownie  Pants  is a must have for all of you that are daring !
And .... yes... Mr. X  likes that.  He knows that I am in the mood to stop time ... and, yes... Mr. I and I have time, enough. The Brownie Mieder  Shirt is pure sin -- a daring bodice with grommeted back lace enclosures is well...  captivating.... dare I say more --- yes, I do, Mr. x "buckle  - up"  and  hold on tight !

It is a golden autumn... the fresh cool wind... is as enticing as these skin tight leather jeans...  that well -- once  bitten... forever  smitten.... or so they say... and, yes Mr. X ... you are indeed!

Wearing - FAD  Exclusives
Top - Baboom - Brownie Mieder Shirt
Pants - Baboom - Brownie Pants
Nails &  Shoes - JLZ - Black Kitty

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Rehana Pearl

Hair - Vanity - The Italian Job Ombre Naturals

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